Deoxys SMD

A close up of Deoxys in artwork featuring it, the legendary beasts, and Mega Rayquaza

Deoxys is a character in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Role in Story Edit

Deoxys is the first Pokémon seen in the game. It is flying down when it sees Rayquaza, having never seen it before.

Deoxys appears much later into the story, helping stop the Tree of Life's ascent. It is shown firing at the tree along with Rayquaza.


After defeating and connecting with Mewtwo, the player unlocks access to Meteorite Crater. Like the Mysterious Geoglyph, where every enemy is a Genesect, every enemy in the Meteorite Crater is one of Deoxys's four forms. After clearing the dungeon, you connect with Deoxys. After being connected with, Deoxys's form rotates after being used in a dungeon. It goes in this order; Normal-Attack-Defense-Speed.